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What’s my IP address?  Is an important free Utopia VPN Guide tool that helps you to know your real IP address as well as its location at a given moment. You might not be aware but know that your ISP assigns a specific IP address to your computer. I see the question on your mind would be:

What is an IP Address? 

IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) can be defined as a string of numbers usually separated by full stops that are used to identify each device connected to a computer network that uses the internet protocol for communication. It is a distinctly unique identifier that allows your computer to receive and send data to and from other computers in a network.

What is the Importance of an IP Address?

Whenever we search for a certain information online, the IP Address directs us to the specific server that houses that specific information. Hence, your computer can connect to the server that hosts the website with the requested information.

Take it this way, suppose you were to tell a person that you reside in Oaklohoma, should the person come looking for you, the probability of getting you is nill. However, if you were to tell them your street, building and house number, they will quickly reach you. That’s what an IP Address does. It makes it easy to identify any information we are looking for online as each computer is assigned a unique address-identifier.

An IP Adress is as good as your digital footsteps

Whatever you do while online can easily be traced to you. All the websites that you visit, the files that you download, and the people you send information or chat with can easily be known thanks to an IP Address. An IP address makes it possible to trace the online activities of any online user.

IP Address aids tracking of query requests

Every time you browse the internet, you have a digital track. The digital track tells anyone who cares to know which websites you visit, the date and time. Somehow your privacy is highly compromised. And cybercriminals could easily track your movements online and steal your valuable information as a result of hacking.

Why is it advisable to hide your IP address when browsing the Internet?

The IP address identifies us online making us an easy target of hacking and other cyber crimes. You can avoid this by hiding your IP Address and browse the net anonymously without the fear of cybercriminals or government surveillance.

What’s my IP Address? Is the best tool to identify your IP Address

Using the Utopia VPN Guide free what’s my IP Address tool should be your first step to safeguarding your online data. It’s after knowing your real IP that you can go ahead and hide it. Also, after you hide your IP Address, you will need to use the what’s my Ip Address tool to find out whether indeed your IP Address is hidden.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Is the best way to hide your IP Address

The best way to hide your IP Address is by using A VPN. A VPN replaces your real IP Address with that of a VPN and thus rendering your real IP Address untraceable.

A VPN also has servers that are spread across the world. You can connect to any server and spoof your location to appear as if you are browsing the internet from the location of the server. So that, if you are in China, you can connect to a server in the US and appear as though you are accessing the internet from the US.

Always use the best VPN to hide your location

Not all VPN services will help you to hide your IP Address to browse anonymously. Therefore you should always make sure that you use one of the best VPN services. A competent VPN uses higher levels of encryption to keep you safe.

NordVPN is the best VPN service for hiding your IP Address and staying safe online.

NordVPN Website

According to our reviews of more than 50 VPN services, NordVPN comes out as the best VPN for all purposes. First, the VPN will hide your IP so that you browse the net knowing that you are truly anonymous. Secondly, NordVPN is easy to install and use even if it’s your first instance with a VPN.

Also, NordVPN implements all the major VPN protocols like OpenVPN. Some of the Security features of NordVPN include the use of the military grade 256-bit encryption to secure your online data.  Others are the NAT Firewall, Double Data Encryption, and Tor over VPN for enhanced privacy and security.

NordVPN is a strictly no logs VPN that allows P2P and has over 4,300 servers in 62 countries. Moreover, they allow six simultaneous connections using a single account. And, the VPN works to unblock Netflix US, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer among other streaming services.