VPN will protect your online security and privacy

VPNs are growing in popularity due to the realization that online security is not as great as many people previously believed. Maintaining personal privacy is something at the forefront of the minds of frequent internet users and VPNs are the first line of defense. While people are familiar with some of the common uses of VPNs, we are going to show you five less typical ways that you can utilize your VPN.

1. A VPN Will Maintain Your Privacy on a Dating Website

Dating websites are some of the most frequently used sites online in the modern day. They are meant to connect people in intimate ways as they try to find the perfect match for them. However, there are people out there that will use them for more nefarious purposes such as gathering personal data, determining users’ location, and stealing private information. Even sites with great security can benefit from the added protection of a VPN by hiding much of your online presence and ensuring that your data is much more difficult to get to.

2. Prevent ISPs from Selling Your Data

Internet Service Providers are not the benign utility that people originally thought. The fact that all of your internet traffic passes through an ISP means that they have unfettered access to what you see when you go online. This can be anything from what websites you’re visiting to the frequency that you’re using specific websites. With relaxed rules in places governing ISPs, it’s now possible for your data to be sold to other companies like advertisers. All in all, an enormous amount of personal data is at stake every time you log on to the internet, but a VPN can be a defense against the sale of your private browsing habits.

3. Get Past Internet Censorship

Some countries are a little uptight with what they allow their citizens to view online. Some countries restrict content that is adult in nature and others want to track the news stories that people follow. In many of these cases, a VPN can allow you to circumvent this censorship, giving you better access to the internet even if you’re not living in a place that is conducive to internet freedom.

4. Get Services from Other Countries

Using a VPN to prevent ISPs from geo-locating you is another great way to utilize VPNs in the modern day. After all, not all content is available in every country. Thus, if you are in the U.K. and you want to access streaming content that is free in the United States, a VPN can aid you with some additional steps. You don’t always have to be using a VPN for something serious; it can be something as simple as wanting less restricted access to the internet.

5. Save Money While Shopping Online

When you start shopping for hotel rooms, flights, or any other services, the website that you use will track you. They often use cookies to determine how many times you’ve come to the site and the price ranges that you have examined. The result is that if you come back to a site after browsing another, the prices will often go up. The sites are designed to increase prices on the subsequent visits because the companies understand that they have you on the hook. A VPN doesn’t allow that kind of tracking, so they can’t use your own data against you in such a way.

All in all, there are many unique ways that you can use a VPN for extra protection online. After all, the online realm has plenty of means through which your online data can be compromised. Next time, shop around for a good VPN and you will be able to allay your fears and enhance your online security and ensure you remain safe.



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