Use VPN to get the best deal when shopping online

Do you know that there’s away you can shop online cheaply? Websites usually provide different prices for different regions hence, to get the best offers, you need to shop from the region with the best deals. Wondering how you can do these? I’ll show you the various methods of how you can get the best deals when shopping online. It’s something I usually do.

How to get the best online deals with a VPN (Quick guide)

  1. Subscribe to a VPN, and download its client. I recommend NordVPN because of its robust security, and huge worldwide server list
  2. Connect to the VPN server in the country with the best deals and offers
  3. Shop as if you are in the country with the best offers

Let me show you step-by step how I usually get the best deals when I shop online. Are you ready? Lets go

  1. Avoid price discrimination

Shopping online is an art and requires a strategy to get the best prices. First, you need to know that many retailers and e-commerce platforms have different offers for different regions. Retailers are also known to serve high prices in rural areas that have less competition. They do the same to higher-income Zip codes. Your IP address is the main culprit that could give your location, occasioning unfavorable prices. Hence, when you shop online, you need to have the ability to look at deals from different regions.

How do I go about this?

I use VPN to get the best deal when shopping online. I just spoof my location to different regions to find out the region with the best offer from the seller. Once I have identified the best price, I shop as if I’m in that region, and as such, I shop at the lowest price.

How does a VPN work?

When you sign up for a VPN, the service allows you to connect to any of their servers. Thus you get the opportunity to use the VPN’s IP addresses from different regions. When shopping online, you can use a VPN to access a website from several regions to find out which region has the best offer. This strategy has saved me lots of money when I shop online. I’ll be using the same approach during Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get the cheapest deals possible.

Is that all a VPN will do?

Not at all; a VPN will also protect your traffic with the highest levels of encryption to protect you from hackers, identity thieves, doxers, and many other cybercriminals. Furthermore, a VPN provides you the highest levels of privacy so that the only person that will know you are shopping online is you. Indeed, a competent VPN does not keep logs of your online activities, meaning even where they are under pressure from government agencies to reveal your logs, they won’t have any.

ISP Throttling is among the biggest challenges for the online community. During busy days when there’s heavy traffic, ISPs resort to throttling bandwidth for some users, more so when they discover that you are using a high amount of data. Yes, during the World Cup finals in Russia, they did it. My crystal balls tell me that they will definitely throttle bandwidth during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping craze. However, when you use your VPN, they won’t see your traffic, and so you’ll beat them at their own game.

What if you are in a heavily censored region?

Even if you are in a country like China, North Korea, or Iran where censorship is the order of the day, you can shop online by using a competent VPN. Such a VPN usually comes with the stealth technology that disguises the VPN traffic to appear as regular HTTPS and thus bypass notorious firewalls, including the Great Firewall of China.

Do all VPNs work?

I’ve been talking about the best VPN, and I know you wonder which the best VPN is. Here’s my list of the five best VPNs that I have tested to secure your data and provide the highest levels of online privacy. If you decide to use VPN to get the best deal when shopping online, the following VPN services could be helpful.

  • NordVPN-best VPN for all purposes

use VPN to get the best deal when shopping online

NordVPN is an all-around best VPN service that provides you with the best return on investment (ROI). First, the VPN has more than 5,700 servers that are spread across the globe. A broad server network enables you to spoof your location and shop from any region, thus landing the best deals. Second, the VPN is a strictly no logs VPN service and is located in Panama, which is among the best VPN privacy locations. Third, they use double data encryption technology and allow simultaneous connection of up to six devices. You also have the Internet Kill Switch that’ll disconnect the internet should your VPN connection fail and thus preventing the exposure of your real IP. The VPN is devoid of any VPN leaks, and so it’s safe to use. 


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  • ExpressVPN-wide server coverage excellent for shopping online

use VPN to get the best deal when shopping online

ExpressVPN is another top-notch VPN service that works to provide you with excellent online security and privacy. The VPN is easy to use and has more than 3,000 servers in 94 countries. They allow unlimited server switches, which are ideal when searching for the best online shopping deals. ExpressVPN uses ultra-secure 256-bit encryption to protect you from hackers and other cybercriminals. They also have an Internet Kill Switch as well as the Split Tunneling feature that allows you to decide which of your traffic passes through the VPN tunnel and which transits via your ISP. They have the best customer service in the VPN industry.

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  • CyberGhost-easy-to-use VPN

use VPN to get the best deal when shopping online

CyberGhost is a VPN service based in Romania that has grown in leaps and bounds. To begin with, the VPN’s base in Romania works for them as it’s among the best privacy locations in the world. In fact, Romania’s Supreme Court outlawed metadata laws. CyberGhost does not log its users’ traffic and has inbuilt leak protection making it safe.

The VPN uses robust 256-bit encryption to safeguard your online traffic. It has more than 6900 servers in more than 90 countries. Huge server locations provide the highest possibility of connecting to a server in your desired region to get cheap deals

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  • Surfshark-budget-friendly VPN that gets work done

SurfShark VPN


Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Islands, a friendly VPN location away from the spying nations. It offers 3200 servers in more than 65 countries which is ideal for shopping. They have a strictly no-logs policy and allow unlimited simultaneous connections using a single license. The VPN will provide you with a NAT firewall, Internet Kill Switch, DDoS protection, and Wi-Fi security. Surfshark exhibits excellent speeds ideal for streaming, gaming, and torrenting.



  • VyprVPN-robust security

VyprVPN logo mid

VyprVPN is based in Switzerland, a privacy haven devoid of any Government spying. The VPN has some of the fastest speeds in the VPN industry, features easy-to-use desktop apps, and a strictly no logs policy. VyprVPN allows concurrent connection up to 5 devices and uses 256-bit encryption to secure your sensitive data. Their chameleon proprietary technology is perfect for bypassing notorious firewalls like the Great Firewall of China.

VyprVPN has more than 700 servers and allows unlimited server switches, making it easy for you to spoof your location to shop in a country with the best online deals.



2. Your device and browser could influence your prices

Sometimes retailers use what is known as “dynamic pricing” so that the browser you use or device could result in high prices. Using a Mac to shop could see you pay more than a person using a PC or mobile phone to shop online. The rationale for this being that a Mac user is presumed to have more income than a PC user. Similarly, desktop Safari, as well as Internet Explorer users, could get high prices compared to their counterparts shopping on Firefox or Chrome.

3. Use automatic price tracking tools

Automated price tracking tools like SlickDeals Price Tracker and could be helpful as they will alert you with an email if the price of the product you specify drops. An app like Paribus, on the other hand, will automatically issue you a refund if the price drops.


I use VPN to get the best deal when shopping online. The above VPNs will go a long way to ensure your safety whenever you shop online. Go ahead and use VPN to get the best deal when shopping online. Let me know in the comment section how you go about securing the best online shopping deals.



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