Panda Security Antivirus

Panda Security Antivirus

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Panda Security Antivirus



  • Outstanding and amazing features
  • Wide range of support options
  • Uniform pricing for all OS and devices
  • User-friendly


  • Plan-based support services

Let’s face it. With the current rate of cybercrime, securing your data in mobile and PC devices is a priority. You want to enhance the data privacy and speed up your devices through cleanups. Viruses, malware, and ransom are the basic tools for hackers and many other cybercriminals. For this reason, you need an antivirus that can help you realize this objective. When you think about the top brands in the antivirus providers sector, your list is incomplete without mentioning Panda Security Antivirus Suite.

Panda has an indisputable reputation in the antivirus tool field. The company offers different plans dubbed as the Panda Dome. Also, it works with different devices and operating systems. But before deciding whether to subscribe to Panda Security Suite, it is essential to understand what it has to offer. This article provides a detailed review of the Panda Dome.

Panda Security Antivirus plans

Panda security suite comes with five plans. The first plan is the free option. this plan is an excellent opportunity to assess the authenticity and reliability of this antivirus. However, to get the best experience, it is an excellent idea to subscribe to the paid plans. To help you make the right decision regarding the plan that fits you, there are, the Panda Dome plans Panda Antivirus Premium, Panda Antivirus Essential, Panda Antivirus Advanced, and Panda Antivirus Dome Complete.

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Panda Antivirus Essential

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Panda Antivirus Advanced

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Panda Antivirus Dome Complete

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When searching for an antivirus solution, the first thing to consider is the features the provider offers. Features determine the level of security and protection you will enjoy. Panda Security Antivirus comes with distinct features that make it stand out. The number of features you experience depends on the plan you pay for. However, for you get the right value for your money, you need to subscribe to the Panda Antivirus Premium and Panda Antivirus Dome Complete. Panda keeps on adding new features to ensure you are secure from current and upcoming features. Here are some of the main features available in the Panda Dome package:

Security Features

Panda Smart Shopping

Online shopping or your online visits are the most vulnerable grounds that cybercriminals use to realize their goals. But with Panda Security Antivirus, you will give your target hackers a hard tackle. The Panda Smart Shopping is a universal feature in all their plans. It comes as a Chrome extension which you add in your browser. Panda Smart Shopping protects you from fraudulent pages and other phishing schemes. Hence, you’re confident that you won’t visit a site set to rob your data.

Apart from this, Smart Shopping protects you from losing money on fraudulent and fake online deals. This element enables you to view the verified eBay merchants and deal coupons. As such, you enjoy a safe online shopping experience without fear of losing your hard-earned cash or data.

Panda Safe Web

Having ads on every page you browse is a nuisance. Sometimes, you get ads of products or items you do not need. The good news is that the Panda Safe Web is here to help. The feature works to ensure you avoid nuisance ads. Panda offers you an ad blocker bundled with a tracker blocker and a website health monitor. However, here is the catch: for you to enjoy these features, you must use Panda as your home search engine. When you disable it, you also disable the Safe Web. This aspect is a shortcoming as having a safe web is a dream of every web user.

Free VPN

Apart from having a safe web, staying anonymous or masking your location is another approach to enhancing your online safety. The VPN is the tool for realizing this objective. With Panda Dome, you do not need to subscribe to another VPN provider. Panda is one of the least antivirus solutions that offer you a free VPN on all its paid packages. However, it is limited to 150MB per day. Despite this limitation, it adds an extra security package on your network giving the hackers a lousy day.

The downside of this VPN is that it is not an original product of Panda Security. Instead, it is a third-party product from HotSpot Shield. This provider has a confusing privacy policy that enables it to collect your IP address – even though it claims to store zero logs. Also, it can share this information with the government which is a bad idea for many web users. Hence if you are looking for a competent VPN service to encrypt your online data, we’d suggest you go for NordVPN. Nord is a strictly no logs VPN, provides you with unlimited bandwidth and speeds, more than 4, 865 servers, and uses AES 256-bit encryption, and costs only $2.99/month.

Wi-fi protection

Hackers and prying neighbors find simple ways of penetrating your network which include the use of hacking tools to enable them to access your home, office, or business network. For this reason, protecting your Wi-Fi network is a crucial point. Panda does not only help you to keep your computer and mobile devices safe. Rather, it also enhances your Wi-Fi protection.

When you activate this feature, you gain the power to monitor devices connected to your network. Hence, you can authorize as well as block any prying parties. Also, when you are in public places with free Wi-Fi, the protector notifies you about the security standard on this connection. So, you can avoid the ones that pose threats to your data security.

Customizable personal Firewall protection

When working on the internet, having a way to control what gets into your computer is a great idea. Panda Dome beats other top antivirus makers in the market. When you subscribe to all paid plans, you enjoy the power to customize your personal firewall. Hence, you can determine what to let or block. Also, the firewall continues protecting you in the background and ensures no attacker gets through your device.

Parental control feature

As a parent, it is a challenge limiting your children’s access to particular sites or content online. A caring parent will bar the child from accessing violent and adult content. Panda Dome realizes this desire. On its Panda  Security Antivirus Advance, Panda Antivirus Premium and Panda Antivirus Dome Complete, you enjoy parental control features. The feature allows you to filter contents inappropriate for your kids.

Also, you can access their online activities and manage what they do on the internet. This feature is exceptional from the Panda Security Antivirus Suite. However, you have to dig deeper into your pocket as it is not available on the Panda Antivirus Essential plan.

New and Premium features

Panda Dome leads other antivirus makers in innovation. In 2019, this provider added new features to its package. The two new features are a cleanup tool and a premium unlimited VPN. The cleanup tool allows you to clean and speed up your devices. This way, you improve their performance.

On the other hand, a Premium unlimited VPN enables you to mask your location in many parts of the world. However, the two features are only available for subscribers in the Panda Security Antivirus Premium and Panda Security Antivirus Dome Complete packages. Nevertheless, it is an added value for their money.

Ease of Use and User-friendliness

Ease of use is a priority when searching for an antivirus. You do not need a product that will be a headache. When considering ease of use, Panda Dome prioritizes the aspect in all its packages. Regardless of the plan you choose, you will enjoy easy downloading and installation. Also, you do not need to fill the entire history of your life to check out. Only minimal details and you are good to go. The installation process takes less than a minute.

However, you must uncheck the button asking you to make Panda Safe Web your default search engine and one making it your homepage. Otherwise, it will be a disappointment when the Panda antivirus is up and running.

On the user-friendliness aspect, Panda Dome comes with a simple user interface. When you complete the installation process, the antivirus opens a screen presenting all features. You can activate and deactivate elements. Also, you can see the settings and features upon clicking the icons on the main screen. These aspects make Panda Antivirus easy to use and user-friendly.


Panda understands the need for superb and reliable customer support. the company invests in enhancing accessibility to its support services. Whether you want to access it through phone, email, live chats, or social media, Panda avails all these avenues. Also, it adds up new support avenues by providing a forum and a knowledge base.

The knowledge base comes with excellent informative articles, guides, and tutorials. These materials cover some common issues that users experience. Also, the resources are a good option when it is hard to access a support agent. The support forum is the next place to get help. The forum has a handful of moderators and community members to answer your questions. Also, Panda categorizes the forum with topics. Hence, you do not have the challenge of getting the answer to your questions.

However, the kind of support service you access depends on your plan. For subscribers in the Panda Security Antivirus Essential up to Panda Antivirus Complete, you only access live support during the working hours. The subscribers at the Panda Antivirus Premium package receive unlimited premium 24/7 support services. So, if you want to enjoy this service, you need to add extra coins through subscribing to the premium plan.


Pricing is another aspect you need to consider when choosing an antivirus. The package must be affordable, but at the same time provide you with the value for your money. Panda Dome considers the pricing part. The provider presents you with a wide range of plans with different pricing. If you cannot afford any pay, you can subscribe to the free option. however, paying for a service is the most effective way of enjoying its benefits.

The Panda Security Antivirus plans start from the Panda Antivirus Essential going for $35.24/year to Panda Antivirus Premium going for $116.24/year. However, Panda understands the financial constraints that affect the number of subscribers. For this reason, it offers you an option for a monthly subscription. Even though annual plans attract massive discounts, the option to allow you to pay as you go is a good idea. This aspect makes Panda an exceptional antivirus provider from the rest. Also, the plan is uniform for all operating systems and devices — no different charges for Windows, Mac, or Android.

Pros and Cons of Panda Dome

Understanding the pros and cons of the Panda package can help you to make the right decision. In comparison with other antivirus providers, the following are the benefits and shortfalls of this package:


  1. Panda Provides you with outstanding and massive features.
  2. Wide range of support options.
  3. Uniform pricing for all operating systems and devices.
  4. Excellent lab test results are making it an outstanding option.
  5. Prioritizes user-friendliness and ease of use.


  1. The pricing is high compared with other players.
  2. Plan-based support services. The higher the plan, the better the support service you receive.

Panda Security Antivirus Final Verdict

Panda Dome is a reliable antivirus package for subscribers seeking value for their money. With its four paid packages namely: Panda Antivirus Premium, Panda Antivirus Essential, Panda Antivirus Advanced, Panda Antivirus Dome Complete, you have an opportunity to get your worth. also, you enjoy a free 30-days trial which is a good option to test the services before subscribing to it. Hence, if you are searching for a reliable antivirus plan, Panda Dome should be among your consideration.

You can also read our comprehensive review of the best antivirus solutions that include Bitdefender, Webroot, and Kaspersky. Our guide on the most competent VPN services can help you choose the best VPN to help you secure all your online traffic from hackers and many other cybercriminals.


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