MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Software Limited created MiniTool Partition Wizard in 2009. The software is designed to help users recover lost data, partition hard disks, and convert dynamic disks to basic, among other uses.

Best of all, it’s easy to use.

You can get it as a free or paid tool, which determines the types of tasks you can perform.

The tool has over 21 million downloads and more than 20 million users. And it supports multiple languages including English, German and Japanese. Being such a popular hard disk partition tool that it became one of the top 10 Windows apps on CNET, it clearly has something valuable to offer.

So, what’s so special about the MiniTool Partition Wizard?

This review seeks to uncover exactly that.

Let’s find out exactly what this tool has to offer.

A Simple User Interface

MiniTool Software Limited ensured that any users can easily operate the partition wizard.

Here’s why.

When you run the software, you get an easy-to-navigate window that looks like this:


That looks quite similar to the Windows 8 Start page. And it’s certainly effortless to identify the specific functions you want. No clutter to confuse you.

Just in case you don’t want such simplicity, you can click on the button on the bottom left corner.

Once you do that, the next time you run the software, you’ll get this window:


This window provides all detailed customization features as well as your computer’s disks and partitions.

Convenient Data Recovery

The data recovery feature can save you from losing valuable information. That’s especially useful for businesses relying on the data for their operations.

This process is quite simple and straight forward.

When you select the data recovery option, this window will open up:


Some of the features on that window include:

  • a reload icon to find and display all partitions and hard disks in your computer
  • the logical drives/ partitions and hard disks found in your computer
  • a link to the data recovery tutorial
  • a reminder that you can recover 1GB of data free

When you select the partition or disk that requires data recovery and hit “Scan,” the MiniTool opens this window:


Just wait a while (depending on the size of the disk/ partition), and the recovered data will be displayed on the window.

MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Ultimate can restore lost data from a hard disk affected by a power outage, virus attack, system crash, or unauthorized operations (as long as the hard drive is still available). And the good thing is you can access this data recovery service in the free version too, up to 1GB of data. To lift that data cap, you would have to purchase the Pro or Pro Ultimate plans

Lost Partition Recovery

Have you ever lost a partition due to an OS upgrade, or maybe you deleted it by mistake?

Fortunately, with the MiniTool Partition Wizard, you can get your partition back with just a click. Here’s what the partition recovery window looks like:


After picking the disk you want and clicking “Next,” you can then select a partition in the disk or a specific data range for recovery:


In the next window, you’ll have to choose between a quick scan and full scan:


Once you pick one scan option, the scanning will start:


In cases where a partition isn’t recoverable, you can try data recovery on your hard disk.

Convert Dynamic Disks to Basic

Windows, as you may already know, cannot run on a dynamic disk. Hence, you must convert the disk to basic. MiniTool Partition Wizard can assist you in doing this without much stress.


However, this option is only available in the Pro and Pro Ultimate plans.

Aligning Partitions

Aligning partitions is essential to reducing writing times and saving disk space.

This is particularly important for hard disks employing 4K sectors (includes advanced formatted mechanical hard disks and Solid State Drives). It involves alignment of 4K physical sectors of the hard disk with clusters.

Clusters refer to the smallest logical amount of disk space allocated to hold files (one cluster can only hold content of one file). And a 4K sector will have several clusters. If the clusters and 4K sectors aren’t aligned, you’ll end up having the clusters containing your file content located in more than one physical sector.

That means longer writing times and wasted disk space.

Partition alignment solves that problem. And the MiniTool Partition Wizard provides a powerful feature to do exactly that:


Wiping Disks

In certain cases, you may have to wipe your hard disk completely.

You’ll likely need this feature if you’re disposing of a hard disk that contains extremely sensitive/ confidential data. It’s particularly vital for businesses and organizations that must abide by certain confidentiality policies which ensure the privacy of customer information. In such cases, you need the assurance that all data will be wiped entirely and can no longer be recovered.

That’s the purpose of MiniTool Partition Wizard’s wipe disk feature.

Better still, you can either wipe an entire hard disk or specific partitions in the hard disk. The feature also gives you several options of wiping the disk to choose from:


You have a choice of 5 different wipe disk options. The first option is fast. And the last option is the slowest, involving 7 passes which ensure your data won’t be recoverable after wiping the partition/ disk.

Create Volumes in Dynamic Disks

This feature (creating volumes) isn’t available in the free edition of MiniTool Partition Wizard, but it’s super valuable.

Here, you can create dynamic disk volumes, including:

  1. Simple volumes: This is a dynamic volume consisting of disk space within one dynamic disk.
  2. Spanned volume: In this case, you must have a minimum of two dynamic disks, apart from the startup disk. That’s because the spanned volume is made up of disk space from multiple physical disks.
  3. Striped volume (Raid 0): As the name suggests, your data will be stored in stripes on multiple physical disks. Such an option is excellent for optimum performance in Windows. However, it lacks fault tolerance.
  4. Mirrored volume (Raid 1): In this option, you’ll get an extent of fault tolerance. It works by creating an identical twin of the volume you select. The result is 50% disk capacity since the mirrored volume data will be written on both volumes.
  5. Raid-5 volume: Three hard drives are entailed in this option. The hard drives can be either IDEA, SCSI or mixed structure.

Hide/ Unhide Partitions

If you thought you could only hide files and folders, you’re mistaken.

You can also hide entire partitions in your hard disk using the MiniTool Partition Wizard.

This is a beneficial feature that serves multiple purposes:

  • If you’re using the computer with other people, you need to keep your confidential information safe and secure.
  • You can ensure file integrity if you’ve installed multiple operating systems on your computer.
  • Hiding partitions can further secure your computer from unexpected online attacks.
  • It’s a great way to secure confidential and sensitive information.

You’ll only be able to access or even share the data in the hidden partitions after you unhide it.

The operation is as simple as selecting the partition you want to hide and clicking the “Hide Partition” button:


Space Analysis

With the space analyzer, you can organize your PC the way you want. It helps detect apps that are taking up too much space.

The space analyzer window displays all the items in your disk so you can figure out what to keep and what to remove:


Moving and Resizing Partitions

Most computers come with partitioned hard disks to enable users to organize files conveniently. However, the allocated partitions might not provide the ideal storage structure that you need.

Using MiniTool Partition Wizard, you can move or resize allocated partitions.

This can free up space in your PC and create a better organization of your data. The partition-resize window provides multiple options to do this:


As you can see from the details in this screenshot, you can resize a specific partition using the slider on the highlighted section. Alternatively, you can fill in the specific partition size you want.

A great thing about it is the data protection mode, which ensures your data remains intact even after resizing the partition.

Disk Benchmarking

Every disk has its benchmark.

There is a specific speed limit associated with the transfer of data to or from the disk. You wouldn’t want to spend all day transferring files from your hard disk at a speed of only 5 MB/sec, yet you can optimize your hard drive to perform at a rate of 20 MB/sec.

The disk benchmark feature on the MiniTool Partition Wizard helps you keep track of the speed limit associated with the transfer of data on your storage device.

Migrating Your OS to SSD

Windows 10 can experience significant lag if the operating system is set up on your hard disk. Fortunately, you can use the MiniTool Partition Wizard to get your PC working at optimal capacity.

You’ll get a notable performance boost when you move your OS from the hard disk to a solid state drive.

Advanced Features in the Server, Enterprise and Technician Plans

The features highlighted so far have focused on the Free, Pro and Pro Ultimate plans of the MiniTool Partition Wizard. Those packages can only work on personal computers and cannot be used by a technician or enterprise.

To enjoy the MiniTool Partition Wizard on a large scale, you should purchase the Server, Enterprise or Technician plans. (You can buy the server packages as an individual if you want the privileges that enterprises and technicians get to enjoy.)

Here are some of the extra services attached to the server packages.

Extending Server Partitions

The server plans can increase disk partitions by adding space from other partitions within a particular server.

This server partition extension feature ensures that you won’t run out of space when dealing with massive data in your enterprise. Technicians will also find it useful when managing multiple servers for numerous clients.

Changing Cluster Size

Without a proper understating of clusters, you can unnecessarily exhaust your disk space.

Most of the files located on your disk are saved in clusters. Hence, it’s essential that you save files with the right clusters, if you want to free up disk space. The MiniTool Partition Wizard helps you deal with the complications in allocating the correct clusters.

Cloning Disks

This is a particularly valuable feature of the MiniTool Partition Wizard.

With continuous technological advancements, you’ll inevitably have to change your devices. But you’ll undoubtedly want to retain the information contained in your outdated devices.

Here’s where the clone disk feature comes in. It helps clone the content of your storage device and inserts it into another device without changing a thing.

You can use the software’s clone disk feature to quickly and smoothly transfer data without spending hours trying to keep it organized.

Managing Dynamic Disks

With different dynamic disks contained in a PC, it would be hard to manage the volume of data each of them holds at a particular time. To keep your PC running at an optimal level, it’s essential you manage the amount of data contained in each dynamic disk at all times. This can be done by using the MiniTool Partition Wizard’s dynamic disk manager feature.

Pricing Based on Your Needs

It’s never a good feeling seeing something valuable, but you can’t afford it.

Fortunately, the MiniTool Partition Wizard offers pricing plans suited to different types of users, so no one is left out. The plan you choose depends on what you want to use the service for.

If you want to use such services as the partition recovery or space analyzer, then you won’t have to spend a penny.

The Pro package is an excellent option for small businesses, while the Technician package is certainly good enough for individuals looking to earn a living from the services the application provides.

Here is a price list of all the packages available:

  • Free
  • Pro: $39
  • Pro Ultimate: $99
  • Server: $159
  • Enterprise: $399
  • Technician: $699



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