Edward Snowden haven app

Remember Edward Snowden the famous NSA whistleblower? He is doing rounds again after he launched the “haven app” which he describes as a “personal security system” that is designed for individuals who are at high risk of being spied on.

So how does the Haven app work?

According to the Freedom of the Press Foundation press release, the Android haven app is an open source security system for human rights defenders and journalists. It empowers you to use a second phone that runs the software to monitor your possessions and physical spaces when you are away. The haven app alerts you should anyone enter your room and attempt to tamper with your devices. In case of any intrusion into your private space, the haven app will detect changes in the environment using the typical smartphone sensors. Smartphones have a full range of sensors which includes microphones, cameras, accelerometers, and gyroscopes.

The haven app utilizes such sensors to turn your smartphone into a personal security device that senses any intrusion or tampering and sends end-to-end encrypted alerts to your smartphone. You can also monitor the activity remotely via a Tor Onion Service. In an interview on Wired, Snowden likens the app to a guard dog that you can leave in your hotel room when you are not there. A smart dog that not only witnesses everything but also records the same. With the app, it’ll become a little harder to conduct raids, searches, arrests –silencing citizens without getting caught.

Haven app is currently in beta

The haven app is not yet available for everyone. It’s still in beta, and we do not know when it will be available. It is open source software that is 100% free. Those who would like to participate as partners, developers and even testers in helping in making the Haven app better can visit Haven’s Github Page to get more information. Because Haven app is still in beta, you can’t be sure that it’ll work correctly, therefore, if you are worried about your privacy, you’d better use a VPN service.

Edward Snowden the NSA Whistleblower

For those who‘ve never heard about the famous Edward Snowden, to bring you up to speed, Snowden is a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as well as a former contractor of the US government. He is famous for copying and leaking highly classified NSA data in 2013 without authorization. He lifted the veil on Massive Surveillance programs involving the NSA and its international intelligence partners.


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