Bitdefender 2019

Bitdefender 2019


Bidefender 2019



  • Real-time, advanced protection against malware
  • Extensive features even with low-priced packages
  • Minimal system-performance hit
  • Webcam privacy
  • New VPN feature


  • Backup software only for Mac OS
  • Slow initial scan

In this Bitdefender review, we discuss the core features of the antivirus solution  including its Windows protection, Advanced Threats Defense, Multi-layer Ransomware Protection, Web Attack Prevention, Password Manager, Anti-phishing and Anti-fraud, among others.

On Monday, July 16th 2018, Bitdefender launched its Bitdefender 2019 antivirus solutions. The software’s 500 million users had a lot of expectations, and they certainly got what they expected and more. Most notable is the new VPN feature, along with multiple improvements.

Here’s a sneak peek into what Bitdefender has to offer.

Summary of Bitdefender 2021

The good:

  • Real-time, advanced protection against malware
  • Extensive features even with low-priced packages
  • Minimal system-performance hit
  • Webcam privacy
  • New VPN feature

The bad:

  • Backup software only for Mac OS
  • Slow initial scan


Bitdefender continues to offer one of the best PC protection software in its Bitdefender 2019 edition. In fact,  users get powerful malware and ransomware defenses with multiple customization features. All that with just a little performance drag.

Overview of Bitdefender Software Packages

Most likely, Bitdefender listened to what users wanted and finally included a VPN client in its software packages.

They also went one step further to include a wide array of useful features and improvements that make the antivirus highly effective. It’s also great that the Bitdefender 2019 edition offers more than three packages, notably featuring the standalone mobile protection for those who only want to secure their Android smartphones.

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android

For only $14.99, Bitdefender’s mobile security offers one year of cloud-based malware detection. Although not as comprehensive as the PC software, it provides valuable features for smartphone users, including a low impact on your battery life, and device recovery in case of theft or loss. It also has a VPN client.

<a href="">Bitdefender Mobile Security 2019 for Android

Mobile protection for $14.99

Visit Bitdefender

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

The Bitdefender Antivirus Plus goes for $59.99, serving 3 devices for one year (if you catch the 50% OFF discount, you can get it at $29.99).

This is the most basic PC package, but you might not realize it considering its comprehensive features, like a password manager, file shredder, anti-phishing & anti-fraud protection, webcam protection and search advisor (tells you which search results are safe, so you don’t click on unsafe links).

Bitdefender Antivirus plus 2019

50% DISCOUNT @ $29.99

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Bitdefender Internet Security

You’ll get the Bitdefender Internet Security for $79.99, covering 3 devices for one year (with a 56% discount, you can get it at $34.99).

Besides the features in Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security offers even more advanced security for your online protection. One notable feature is the safe files which prevent unauthorized changes to your important files. For those who have ever lost important data through an antivirus scan, this is indeed a must-have.

It has a two-way firewall which is far more effective than the Windows firewall that screens only inbound traffic. The two-way firewall will disrupt outbound connections originating from hidden malware.

One feature that shows how advanced this software is is the anti-spam block, which can even predict spam outbreaks – not just blocking unsolicited messages.

The parental advisor will undoubtedly come in handy for home use.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2019

56% DISCOUNT @ $34.99

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Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security is the ultimate PC protection package. It has all features in Bitdefender Internet Security plus a whole bunch of other features that make it usable with just about any device you have.

No wonder it’s priced at $89.99, protecting up to 5 devices (if you catch the 56% discount, you can get it at $39.98).

You get a nifty OneClick Optimizer to speed up your computer and boost performance. It’s a handy tool if you don’t want to install separate software to handle that task.

It has Mac OS protection which has one interesting feature not found in the Windows OS protection: backup protection. You certainly want that, since malware attacks can go beyond the data in your computer. If your backup isn’t secure, it’s not really a backup, is it?

The iOS protection in this package provides a VPN client and parental control, apart from other features.

And the Android protection in the package shows you what your installed apps are getting up to in the background. Certainly, a useful feature to safeguard your privacy.

Bitdefender Total Security 2019

56% DISCOUNT @ $39.98

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Bitdefender Family Pack

This is the best package for home use since you can use an unlimited number of devices for a one-year subscription of $119.99.The current 54% discount brings the price down to $54.99.

Bitdefender Family Pack offers complete protection for all Mac OS, Windows, Android and iOS devices at home.

Bitdefender Family Pack 2019

54% DISCOUNT @ $54.99

Visit Bitdefender

Bitdefender BOX 2

With the advent of IoT (Internet of Things), you have to secure more than just your PC and smartphone. The Bitdefender BOX 2 helps you secure all connected devices in your home.

It’s a handy device that goes for $249.99 (if you catch the discount, you can get at $199.99). That covers a one-year subscription which you’ll renew at $99 per year, after the first year.

Bitdefender Premium VPN

VPNs have become part and parcel of the PC protection ecosystem; hence, it was only a matter of time before Bitdefender offered its VPN service. This VPN Premium package provides unlimited traffic unlike the capped basic VPN featured in Bitdefender’s PC protection packages.

However, you can only purchase the Premium VPN together with one of Bitdefender’s PC protection software.

You’ll get it at $49.99 (if you catch the discount, you’ll get it at $39.99).

Here’s a complete list of all the features in each Bitdefender package:

Antivirus Plus
Total Security 
Internet Security 
Windows ProtectionYesYesYes
Intelligent AntivirusYesYesYes
Advanced Threat DefenseYesYesYes
Multi-Layer Ransomware ProtectionYesYesYes
Free Online SupportYesYesYes
Web attack preventionYesYesYes
Wi-Fi Security AdvisorYesYesYes
Online Banking ProtectionYesYesYes
Password ManagerYesYesYes
Search AdvisorYesYesYes
Anti-Phishing & Anti-FraudYesYesYes
Vulnerability ScanYesYesYes
File ShredderYesYesYes
Webcam ProtectionNoYesYes
Safe FilesNoYesYes
Parental ControlNoYesYes
File EncryptionNoYesYes
Speed Up Your DevicesNoYesNo
Mac OS ProtectionNoYesNo
Intelligent Cross-Platform AntivirusNoYesNo
Safe FilesNoYesNo
Parental ControlNoYesYes
Backup ProtectionNoYesNo
Adware BlockerNoYesNo
Secure Online ShoppingNoYesNo
Ultra-Fast Automatic ProtectionNoYesNo
Android ProtectionNoYesNo
On-Demand & On-Install App ScanNoYesNo
Full Speed & Low Battery ImpactNoYesNo
Web ProtectionNoYesNo
Account PrivacyNoYesNo
App LockNoYesNo
Parental ControlNoYesYes
iOS ProtectionNoYesNo
Account PrivacyNoYesNo
Parental ControlNoYesYes
Automatic UpgradesYesYesYes


How Bitdefender Works and its Performance

So, what makes Bitdefender consistently rank among the top antivirus software, based on independent third-party tests like AV-Comparatives? Even more specifically, what makes Bitdefender a quality PC protection software?

To answer this question, let’s evaluate how Bitdefender works and how well it performs.

  • Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender’s antivirus protection utilizes a file-scanning engine which looks for and detects matches to known exploits. But the 2019 version goes further than that. It features a behavior-based technology which helps detect and block more advanced threats and ransomware. That’s complemented by heuristic monitoring to identify signs of an on-going attack.

Suspicious files are uploaded to Bitdefender’s Cloud Center lab for instant analysis and a quick fix.

Such an array of robust antivirus protection features makes the software highly effective in the detection and elimination of multiple threats.

  • Safe files

Since prevention is better than cure, Bitdefender’s safe files is a smart antivirus feature.

Safe files cordon off your most important data and immunize them from ransomware attack. By default, the protected files include the Desktop, Documents, Music, Pictures and video folders. Other protected files include folders linked to OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. You can even add other files.

With such proactive protection techniques, you have far greater security than merely detection and elimination of threats.

  • Malware definitions

Malware attacks are continually changing; hence, an effective antivirus must constantly update its malware definitions.

Bitdefender stands out in this regard by updating its malware definitions, which are then sent to all the software users several times a day. However, individual users can opt out of the data collection if they don’t want to give Bitdefender information about their PC configuration and activity.

This feature helps keep the antivirus up-to-date with the most current threats even as malware evolves.

  • Autopilot

Apart from adapting to external threats, the Bitdefender antivirus version also adapts to your current computer condition.

Depending on the amount of system resources being used in your computer, the antivirus’ Autopilot feature automatically adjusts its defensive posture. This helps ensure that your computer is optimally capable of handling potential threats. However, if you want to reduce interruptions, you can white-list specific applications.

A highly adaptable antivirus will certainly produce the most efficient protection.

  • Bitdefender uses VPN technology to boost your security

Although Avira’s Total Security Suite had a VPN feature before Bitdefender, Bitdefender’s VPN combined with its variety of robust features make the software highly effective.

Understandably, browsing the web with Bitdefender’s VPN will produce a slight performance dip. That’s typically expected with any VPN. Fortunately, since the VPN is an optional feature, you can turn it off when you don’t need to use it.

A VPN client is a boost to your online security, as it enhances your privacy, making you less of a target from potential attacks.

  • Backup

Having a backup will be worthless if it isn’t secure. Therefore, the 2019 antivirus has a backup protection feature for your Mac OS.

It would be great if this useful feature also applied to Windows, iOS and Android devices too.

  • Password manager

Since your antivirus helps protect your valuable data, it makes sense that it should also manage your passwords.

Bitdefender 2019 encrypts your login protocols online so you can conveniently use them whenever necessary. Whenever you have an online payment screen, the password manager will pop up.

This all-around data protection makes the antivirus all-in-one software that handles practically all your data protection needs.

  • Wi-Fi security advisor

You should never use a Wi-Fi network without an adequate protection mechanism. With Bitdefender’s Wi-Fi Security Advisor, you’ll be protected from any cracks in your network defenses.

This feature keeps you protected right from the source of potential online threats.

  • Search advisor

This is another proactive feature that keeps you from potential sources of malware.

On your search engine result pages, you’ll get information on any search results that are malicious. This way you’ll not click on sites that are potentially harmful.

  • Firewall 

A firewall is a must-have feature for any decent antivirus, and Bitdefender lives up to this expectation.

Both Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 and Bitdefender Total Security 2019 have a firewall feature, a hallmark of antivirus software.

The great thing about this firewall is the option to make suitable adjustments from the Paranoid Mode which notifies you of all traffic, to the Stealth Mode which makes your system invisible to the local network and internet.

  • Online banking protection with Bitdefender

Many e-commerce/ banking/ payment sites try to achieve fast yet secure online transactions. However, whatever the online sites do cannot be enough. You need software to secure your user end.

Bitdefender’s Safe Online Banking feature creates a dedicated browser to secure your transactions and prevent fraud. The software will also automatically fill out billing fields with your credit card details. This produces the fast and safe transactions you need.

  • Bitdefender Interface

The interface might not seem like a big deal, but being able to customize your antivirus dashboard can make a huge difference. The 2019 version lets you do just that.

You can add your status screens and quick actions to the dashboard.

However, the overall look is generally similar to the 2018 version. That’s probably a good thing since the original design is quite good.

Bitdefender Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Can Bitdefender be trusted?

They offer exactly what they advertise. At the same time, the antivirus solution is free from malware and any other malicious forms, and offer total virus and web protection.

2. Is Bitdefender good antivirus?

Bitdefender is an excellent antivirus solution that offers more features, high performance, and security enhancing features. It is also user-friendly.

3. Does Bitdefender scan for malware?

Most malware detection tests run by independent labs have affirmed the fact that Bitdefender scans and detects all threats ranging from viruses, Trojans, worms, to ransomware, spyware, zero-day exploits, rootkits, and much more.

4. Does Bitdefender protect against ransomware?

Bitdefender 2019 comes with the ransomware remedial feature to combat ransomware. It identifies any attempt by new ransomware to encrypt files and automatically creates a backup of the targeted files so that they can be restored after the malware is blocked.

5. Is Bitdefender better than McAfee?

Bitdefender has proven in many independent tests to be better than McAfee. The antivirus solution is excellent not only at malware protection but also in terms of the impact on system performance.

6. Is Bitdefender better than Kaspersky?

Various tests prove both Bitdefender and Kaspersky to offer excellent protection against all sorts of malware. However, Bitdefender offers more features than Kaspersky.

7. Does Bitdefender slow down computer?

While many antivirus products such as Norton and McAfee are bloated and slow, Bitdefender is light and fast; hence, it does not cause a heavy burden to your computer.

8. Does Bitdefender have a VPN?

All paid Bitdefender products come with a VPN client. However, the free VPN is limited to 200 MB per day. To get unlimited VPN, you need to pay $40 per year.

9. What is autopilot mode in Bitdefender?

In autopilot mode, Bitdefender will automatically fix crucial issues, manage antivirus protection, privacy protection, Firewall scanning, antiphishing as well as antimalware filtering, and automatic updates.

10. Does Bitdefender have a free version?

Yes, they have a free version. Its lightweight and easy to use. It has all the core functions and is completely unrestricted. The free version will block access to malicious, phishing, as well as fraudulent websites.

  • Bottom Line

Clearly, Bitdefender 2019 not only helps you eliminate threats but also offers multiples features to identify and prevent malware in the first place proactively. This makes the antivirus incredibly valuable in keeping your devices safe.

Moreover, the software is designed with users in mind. It provides parental controls for parents with young children. Plus multiple features that offer convenience, including the password manager and online banking protection. Hence Bitdefender 2019 is an important component of any internet security implementation.

It’s certainly great value for your money.



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