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Utopia VPN Guide is an independent and impartial best VPN reviews and internet security site founded by Nicholas “Ian” Nabakwe, a lawyer and cybersecurity expert who advocates for free and secure internet for all.

We help consumers make informed decisions when they subscribe to VPN services. Utopia VPN Guide also provides you with the best internet security guides and tutorials to help you stay safe online. We keep you updated on the biggest data breaches and hacks from around the world, malware infections and the latest news in cyber-security.

Why do we need best VPN reviews and internet security guides?

Let's face it; We are continually facing increased surveillance from our governments, ISPs, advertisers as well as hackers. As a result, the need for online security and privacy is skyrocketing by the day. This has led to the proliferation of VPN services.
However, not all VPN services will give you meaningful protection and so you can end up wasting your money on a VPN that does nothing to protect your online security and privacy.

That's where Utopia VPN Guide comes in. We provide in-depth VPN reviews based on user experience. We carry out comprehensive testing of a VPN service to provide you with all the necessary information to guide you make an informed buying decision.

Welcome aboard and do share with us your experience with VPN services. Your input will go along way to improve our reviews.


We may get a commission if you buy a VPN through the links on this website at no extra cost. That way we are able to provide you with helpful content to help you stay safe online.


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